ice ice rollys

  • $99.00

glass freezable facial massage ice globes 

The Ice Ice Rollys are HERE...💗 The Ice Ice Rollys are glass freezable facial massage globes that promote plump, refreshed skin, while increasing circulation + eliminating puffiness and redness. the Ice Ice Rollys help to increase collagen production, brighten your skin and are perfect for soothing the skin. It's time to get your massage on, angel! 

Our fav benefits include: 

  • refreshing
  • increases circulation
  • emilinates puffineess
  • helps increase collagen production
  • brightens the skins overall apperance
  • soothing 
  • peaceful
  • relaxing 
  • plumping 

The Ice Ice Rollys come in a pack of 2 💗✨

Instructions on how to use the Ice Ice Rollys can be viewed here.