beaut. is all about self love

Enhancing your natural beauty, that's what we're all about.

the beginning

Carol Belleville has always been a natural social butterfly, someone who seamlessly makes everyone feel important and worthy of love. With her contagious vibrant energy, she finds a way to make strangers feel at home. 

With 14+ years of knowledge and experience in the industry, Carol found the missing puzzle piece of the beauty industry that put us on the map: teeth whitening. Beaut. was launched in 2018 in a time when self-care has never been more important (physically, emotionally and mentally).

the evolution

Carol grew tired of the not so ever changing beauty industry, an industry that rather change your beauty to fit a norm. Instead, Carol has since gone on to diversify the brand into self care products that are designed to enhance your natural beauty.

✹ skin care
✹ smile care
✹ self care

the brand

Our mission is to challenge the beauty industry's emphasis on conformity and unrealistic beauty standards.

We believe that everyone has their own unique beauty that should be celebrated and embraced.

beaut. focuses on self-care and developing products that enhance natural beauty, empowering individuals to feel confident in their own skin.

Through our commitment to promoting self-love and individuality, we aim to inspire a positive shift in the beauty industry towards inclusivity and authenticity.

Beaut. is female founded, ran and owned.


Carol Belleville

Founder + CEO

Olivia Green

Marketing Director

Libby Reese

Customer Success

Airica Dimsdale

Live Host

Molly Johnson


Anna Gagliano

Shipping Associate