Reseller Terms and Conditions


This Agreement is entered between BEAUT.BEAUTYCO, with an address of 1825 Sprucewood Lane Nashville, TN, 37211 United States (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and RESELLER (hereinafter, the “Reseller”). Company and Reseller may be referred to collectively as the “Parties.” For good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the Parties agree as follows:

I. Minimum Order Value. Reseller is approved a one time purchase of an order total of 1 kit to test before offering to Reseller's customers. Reseller orders have a minimum order total of 20 items. If Reseller fails to comply with these terms, the Reseller Account will be up for review. 

II. Pricing Policy.

i. Product Pricing. Pricing of all Company products offered to Reseller are subject to change at any time. 

ii. Resale Pricing. Reseller will never be approved to sell Company products for any price lower than Company's MAP Pricing Policy which can be located HERE. Reseller is approved to run sales and discounts on all Company products as long as Reseller follows compliance with the MAP Pricing Policy. 

iii. Shipping Pricing. Shipping pricing charged by Company to Reseller is subject to change. Factors that may affect shipping pricing include, but are not limited to: weight, carrier fees, supplier fees, packaging costs. 

III. General Rules. 

i. Competitors. Reseller is not approved to carry competing products that include, but are not limited to: teeth whitening products, skincare technology items (silicone cleansing tools, gua sha, etc.). 

ii. Facebook Wholesale Group. Reseller must be a member of the "beaut.beautyco WHOLESALE" facebook group. To join, Click Here to Join and answer the questions to be approved. 

iii. Discounts. 

i. Reseller Promotions. Reseller may receive any reseller related promotions. All Reseller Promotions will be announced via the "beaut.beautyco  WHOLESALE" facebook group here. To be notified of Reseller Promotions, turn on post notifications. 

ii. Retail Promotions. Reseller will not receive the same promotions as retail customers. Reseller orders placed using any discount code intended for retail use will be automatically cancelled. 

IV. Shipping Policy.

i. Shipping Estimation. All Reseller orders will ship within 5 to 7 business days.

ii. Free Shipping. Company will not offer free shipping on Reseller orders. 

iii. Cost of Goods. Shipping costs will not be included in the cost of goods.

iv. Wholesale Shipping Selection. All orders placed via Reseller Portal on Company website must select the wholesale shipping cost selection associated with Reseller order, otherwise orders will be canceled. Canceled orders will have to be re-ordered by Reseller or Company will send Reseller an Invoice with correct shipping costs.

v. Shipping Labels. Company will not accept shipping labels from Reseller.

V. Return Policy. Reseller and customers of Reseller may exchange any unopened item within 14 days for another Company product of equal value. 

VI. Communication. 

i. Account Manager. Reseller will be assigned an Account Manager by Company if Reseller has not previously sold Company products. If Reseller has previously sold Company products and is joining the new Wholesale Portal, select Reseller's previous Account Manager/Contact. Account Manager will be in correspondence with Reseller via Email, SMS and Phone. Any questions about Reseller Account must be addressed to Reseller's Account Manager. General questions about products and customer support may be addressed via email to Company Customer Support team: 

ii. Reseller Account Updates. Reseller account updates will be communicated via Reseller Account Manager and SMS, Email. Reseller must accept to receive SMS and Email Correspondence on registration form to be informed on Reseller Account Updates. 

ii. Company Sale Campaigns. Company will run sale campaigns that Reseller will be approved to participate in. Reseller may match Company sale campaign pricing, or follow MAP Pricing Policy listed in section II. part ii. Company sale campaigns will be communicated via the "beaut.beautyco WHOLESALE" facebook group mentioned in section III part ii

iii. SMS Correspondence. Reseller must accept to receive SMS Correspondence via checkbox below Phone Number field on registration form to be informed on sale campaigns. 

iv. Email Correspondence. Reseller must accept to receive Email Correspondence via checkbox below Phone Number field on registration form to be informed on sale campaigns. 

VII. Products. Company products offered to Reseller are subject to change at any time.

VII. Invoices. Reseller is highly encouraged to place orders via wholesale portal for a streamlined and fast experience. However, if Reseller requests an invoice be sent due to shipping errors, general order questions, etc., Reseller must contact Account Manager to send invoice to Reseller. 

VIII. Facebook Lives. Company offers Facebook Lives for Reseller Community. To learn more about the Facebook Lives opportunity, Reseller must contact Account Manager. A contract is required to secure a Facebook Live by Company. All orders via Facebook Live will be paid via Invoice. After Invoice has been paid, Reseller is required to remove Account Manager as Admin from Reseller's Facebook Page.  


If Reseller fails to comply with the any of the terms listed in the Reseller Agreement, the Reseller Account will be up for review.