1. Make sure to drink any bevs that aren't clear through a straw  

2. Thoroughly brush your teeth before whitening!

3. After you've brushed your teeth, grab a cotton round, paper towel, etc. to dry the front of your teeth by dabbing each tooth that's in your visible smile that you will be whitening ;)

4. Do the breathe in/suck back method. Do this by keeping your lips off of your teeth, kinda giving the mirror a creepy lil smile while breathing in to get any extra moisture off of your teeth.

5. Grab your handy-dandy beaut. smile pen (or syringe) and paint each tooth while doing your creepy smile, and if you're using the syringe, apply 0.5 mL to your whitening tray of your beaut. device (0.25 mL on top & 0.25 mL on bottom). 

6. Gently place the LED smile light into your mouth and keep it in for 15 min. 

♥ for some extra smile love, use the 2nd setting on your wireless kit (if you have one) for some red AND blue light therapy: whiten those teeth while taking care of your gums