beaut. bouquet set

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Orange, pink + red aka the perfect summer bouquet. Find yourself scoring $46 off of these three heavy hitters that are sure to keep your teeth white and bright this summer. 

Set Includes: the Peachy Kleen Kit, Brightening Bubbles + Smile Pen Refill. 

Peachy Kleen Kit 
A fan favorite in the beaut. lineup. The beautiful Peachy Kleen Kit is phone activated and features blue light therapy. To whiten: twist your whitening pen, paint each tooth, plug your light in and relax. Once 15 min. are up, your teeth will be 2-3 shades lighter than they were before. 

Sold and recommended by dental professionals and educators. 
Vegan Friendly
FDA Cleared


The Peachy Kleen Kit includes 1 light (compatible with iPhone, Android + USB), 1 shade guide, 1 instruction guide and 3 smile pens.
Brightening Bubbles
The self care product you are missing in your daily routine is here: the beaut. brightening bubbles will maintain your pearly whites and keep you insta-ready all day long. 
How to Use
1) Dispense a pea-sized amount onto toothbrush (either solo on the brush or atop your toothpaste).
2) Brush gently for up to three minutes. 
3) rinse, repeat daily & SMILE! Pro-tip: After use, wait at least 15 minutes before eating or drinking to prevent stains.
Smile Pen Refill
Each whitening gel pen contains 5-8 treatments.
How to Use
1) Twist bottom of pen clockwise until a little gel flows to the bristles.(For your first session, you may need to twist a few times).
2) Smile wide, keeping lips away from your teeth.
3) Use even brush strokes to apply a thin layer of gel to each tooth.
4) Insert beaut. mouthguard & turn on light.
5) After your 15 minute whitening session, rinse with water.

44% carbamide peroxide


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